• Concentrating efforts along the right priorities in an effective manner
  • Honing attention, time and energy into fulfilling specific responsibilities
  • Guarding against distractions and saying “no” to that which degrades high-quality performance


You and I both have limited time and energy. How are you spending yours? Are you spending it wisely today? I have a simple test that will help you find the answer. Please study the two pictures below and then answer the question that follows.

TEST QUESTION: Which picture has the proper focus?

The correct answer is… impossible to know. Without understanding the purpose of the picture, there is absolutely no way to discern which one is the “right one”. Each picture is focused on one object (the Christmas Tree or the hand sanitizer). It could be that both pictures are correct; or, perhaps they both miss the mark. Maybe the correct picture should show both the Christmas Tree and the hand sanitizer in clear focus. There really is no way to know which picture has the right focus without more information!

Now, back to where we started: are you spending your time and energy wisely today? In other words, do you have the proper focus? The picture exercise above illustrates an important truth: we cannot effectively evaluate how we are using our time and energy until we have clarity on our goals and objectives. It is impossible to know if I am managing my time well if I do not know my priorities.

What is your objective today? What are you hoping to achieve? Do you want to finish a project? Expand your horizons? Spend time with loved ones? Rest? What is the point of your day? Having the proper focus is essential to a productive, healthy lifestyle. Clarify your goals and objectives and you will move closer to knowing if you are managing your time and energy well.


Key Words and Phrases

To concentrate attention; Emphasis; Fasten; Center; Train; To have a clear perception; To bring to focus.

Opposite Terms

Blurry; Out of focus; Without direction.


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