• Performing well in a consistent manner over a long period of time
  • Yielding dependable and predictable outcomes again and again
  • Contributing to the team on a consistent and trusted basis
Most people who know me  characterize me as being the gal who is always cooking and who would rather spend hours in a grocery store than the mall. I am slightly (who am I kidding I am deeply) obsessed with kitchen gadgets of any kind. I would like to consider myself a collector instead of obsessed. My best friend sneaks in shoes to hide from her husband, I sneak in garlic presses, cheese graters, lemon zesters and the big one that is always hard to hide Cast Iron Pots!

Now you might be wondering why my title is Spanish Rice Pot, but I had to throw in the cast iron pots story first. Once a week, my husband requests green chili enchiladas, fresh pinto beans, and a pot of Spanish rice and I faithfully make it every week. My family loves my Spanish Rice so much that I have had to triple the recipe when I make it because it seems like no matter how much I make it is never enough. I have this amazing cast iron pot that I always make the rice in. I know exactly how long to sauté the vegetables, exactly when to add the rice, and the water level can be eye balled because this pot has been so reliable for me for years the rice always comes out perfect. It is a rice that you cannot help but go back for seconds and probably thirds.

We recently moved and my Spanish Rice pot was buried at the bottom of the kitchen boxes (we had over 20 boxes labeled “Kitchen”) so I had no choice but to make the weekly rice in a different pot. We all know by now how this story ended! My family almost disowned me and thought it was some sort of sick April Fool’s joke in October. They rely on my perfect dish so much that in a way it made my heart happy that they realized how reliable me, and my pots are (who can say Christmas is coming early for me).

At Funds for Learning as E-rate Guides, we are like the old Spanish Rice Pot in my story. We rely on each other to come together as a team for our clients. Alone we bring different talents to the table, but together we become like the ingredients blended in my reliable Spanish rice pot. When we rely on each other we become the perfect E-rate recipe.
Key Words and Phrases
Dependability; Consistently able to be trusted; Constant; Yielding the same results repeatedly; Responsible; Solid and sure; Predictable; Stable and steadfast.

Opposite Terms
Undependable; Faltering; Irresponsible; Can’t be counted on.
GuideMarks – Distinguishing Characteristics of FFL E-rate Guides

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