• Foreseeing and intervening in anticipation of future needs or changes
  • Initiating and preparing beforehand rather than reacting afterwards
  • Taking steps ahead of time based on training, knowledge and experience
This week’s GuideMark is Proactive - foreseeing and intervening in anticipation of future needs or changes.
Right before Halloween this year, 2020, we had lighting infested sleet and freezing rainstorm. The storm rained ice for 4 days with high temperatures below freezing. 300,000 people in the Oklahoma Metro were without power for weeks. Additional weight on tree limbs caused by ice accumulating on leaves resulted in severe tree damage. In some areas, tree limbs came into contact with energized power lines making already bad situation, worse.  
I have 60 trees on my property. Being proactive, I started a discussion with my yard guy in early September about trimming my massive number of trees on a regular rotation to get them in shape. I was very afraid of an ice storm causing major damage to trees and my home.
My yard guy caught Covid, so this delayed us scheduling a meeting and creating a date to start trimming trees. After he healed, we met, wearing masks of course, and determined that he would start trimming trees the 2nd week in November. That was too late, since the storm hit prior to tree trimming plans being implemented. Although I was proactive and tried to prevent a yard full of hell with early trimming, it happened anyway.
This experience was a reactive one even though I tried to be proactive.

One proactive task I had covered – I own plenty of chainsaws and I can use them.
At FFL we focus on learning from each other’s experiences and taking steps ahead of time to reduce unexpected storms.
Key words and phrases
Acting in anticipation; Causing something to happen; Taking steps based on experience; Foreseeing; Preparing beforehand; Intervening ahead of time; Initiating instead of reacting; Farsighted planning and action

Opposite terms
Shortsighted; Reactionary; Improvident; Myopic

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