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    A Complete E-rate Solution

    E-rate Manager® for Applicants has everything you need for E-rate compliance at a price that fits your budget. Subscriptions start at just $199/year. Look over the list of features and decide which package is right for you.

    Track funding, forms, and everything else

    E-rate Manager for Applicants tracks all of your E-rate information. From funding requests to dollars used, it's all inside of E-rate Manager for Applicants. You can also receive an e-mail from us any time that the SLD makes changes to your funding requests and commitments.

    Simplify your E-rate paperwork

    Using E-rate Manager for Applicants to create your E-rate paperwork is simple with our easy, step-by-step wizards. The wizards are designed to help you complete everything from a Form 470 to a product substitution request.

    New to E-rate? We've got you covered.

    As part of your E-rate Manager for Applicants subscription, you'll have access to a series of instructional videos related to the E-rate process. This comprehensive Training-on-Demand is available any time and covers topics for beginners and E-rate veterans alike.

    And, users of E-rate Manager for Applicants are invited to take part in an introductory training covering how to get the most out of E-rate Manager for Applicants.

    Your partner in E-rate compliance.

    More and more money is being spent to audit E-rate applicants to ensure their compliance with E-rate rules and regulations. Using E-rate Manager for Applicants can help you stay on top of your E-rate information so that you can demonstrate your compliance when the auditors call.

    To read more about how E-rate Manager for Applicants is a total compliance solution, click here.