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    In the event an adverse decision is received, all applicants have the right to consider filing an appeal. Funds For Learning® has the expertise and experience to prepare appeals to either the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) or the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

    Funds For Learning will evaluate the situation and provide advice based on the circumstances involved. We have prepared and submitted a large number of appeals to both the SLD and the FCC, and we understand how to navigate the appeal process. Upon conferring with all the parties involved, Funds For Learning can formulate an appeal on your behalf for submission to the appropriate entity.

    What Sets FFL Apart

    Funds For Learning has enjoyed a very high success rate in winning appeals. In addition to the creation and submission of appeals on behalf of numerous applicants, we maintain a database of appeal decisions which enables us to easily search for past precedents. Our experienced staff members regularly review FCC Orders and understand the subtle nuances to include in new appeals. Due to our knowledge and extensive understanding of the ever-changing regulations in the E-rate program, Funds For Learning is uniquely situated to provide assistance during the appeal process.

    Audit Support

    Funds For Learning is experienced in conducting reviews to ensure that applicants are in compliance with program regulations. As concerns about the potential for waste, fraud and abuse in the E-rate program have grown, Funds For Learning has increasingly been called on for its expertise in responding to auditors and providing recommendations to ensure that its clients meet the program's continually evolving compliance requirements. Funds For Learning can review current processes and procedures in order to help improve and strengthen an applicant's ability to stay in program compliance.

    For more information about appeals support, please contact us!