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    E-rate Manager was created to help E-rate Applicants and Service Providers track their E-rate funding, meet critical deadlines, and make participating in the E-rate program more manageable.

    As new regulatory guidance and clarifications are made, E-rate Manager evolves and new reports, features and tools are developed to assist with the process. Program participants lose out on millions of dollars each year due to deficiencies in managing the E-rate process. E-rate Manager helps stakeholders make the most of their E-rate funding with many helpful tools and features.

    Tracking and Monitoring

    E-rate Manager is a comprehensive data system that provides critical information for each step of the E-rate process. E-rate Manager not only tracks the current status of application review, but can even track how long an application has been in each stage of the application review process. E-rate Manager can also provide e-mail alerts for program deadlines and changes to funding requests.

    Form Creation

    E-rate Manager provides form wizards which make it easy to create program forms quickly, while built-in intelligence checks for many common form and application errors.

    Assessment and Reporting

    E-rate Manager makes it easy to view and assess E-rate utilization rates, and can produce a number of funding reports in either spreadsheet or PDF format.


    E-rate Manager provides an electronic document retention archive to help keep your compliance documentation centralized, organized, and safe. It also includes a useful database of historical appeal and audit decisions to help you identify and mitigate potential compliance issues.

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