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    A Powerful E-rate Solution

    E-rate Manager® for Service Providers has everything you need to manage your E-rate activities. Look over the list of features and decide which package is right for you.

    Locate Form 470s Quickly and Easily

    Instead of hunting for 470s, let E-rate Manager for Service Providers deliver them to your inbox! You can select the search criteria, including service category, keywords, geographic area, and customer size.

    Business Intelligence On-Demand

    With E-rate Manager for Service Providers, you can monitor your E-rate related business, and that of your competitors. Let E-rate Manager for Service Providers give you a competitive advantage with fast, easy access to multi-state, multi-year E-rate funding information.

    Streamline E-rate Paperwork

    E-rate Manager for Service Providers helps you track the status of your customers' funding commitments to make sure they are putting all of their approved E-rate discounts to use. It's designed to make it easy to manage your E-rate payment paperwork burden and save you time, money -- and headaches.

    To learn more about E-rate Manager for Service Providers or to schedule a live online demo contact Funds For Learning via e-mail or telephone at (405) 341-4140.

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